What Michael Keaton Might Mean For the Future of DC Universe

Connor Edrington
2 min readJun 22, 2020

Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Michael Keaton may be reprising his role as Batman in The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller as well as some other future DC films.

This is amazing news for fans of the Michael Keaton Batman, yet it made me stop to think about what this could mean for the DC universe.

It has long been said that the Flash movie will deal with Flashpoint. In the Flashpoint story, The Flash resets the universe causing him to lose his powers and enter a timeline that is far different than the typical DC storyline.

In the Hollywood Reporter’s article they discuss the idea that Keaton’s Batman may be akin to the Nick Fury role that Marvel has long had installed within their movies.

Could it be possible that they will introduce the older Batman as a mentor figure that could lead to the introduction of a new Justice league. Keaton’s Batman may be a way to introduce Batman Beyond into the fold. We know that Robert Pattinson is playing batman in a pretty serious batman movie that most likely will not be connected to the other DC films. Batman Beyond may serve as a way to allow for Batman to be included in a Justice League movie, maybe even alongside Wonder Woman, Aqua Man and Shazam.

Whether the inclusion of Batman is just for mentoring a different Batman character like Batman Beyond, Batgirl or another Batfamily character. In addition he could be instrumental in helping to form a new Justice League. Keaton’s Batman could serve as the “man in the chair” for the Justice League. Keaton’s Batman would be an experienced hero and know how to help the Justice league with strategies and problem solving.

I will be very excited to see Keaton’s character be a way to pull the Universe back together. The DC films have been fairly unconnected since Justice League with only small references here and there. I hope that DC can fully commit to an expanded universe using Keaton’s Batman as the backbone of their Justice League.

This is an exciting time for the DC Universe, this is exactly what I have wanted to see DC try to accomplish in the past. The idea of using Keaton as an older Batman and using him as a potential guide for the future of the DC films is a great way to bring in DC fans and give a foundation to the universe that I think it has been missing.

Only time will tell if this is true and if they accomplish creating a great DC movie universe, I hope they do! Until then we will just have to see what additional information we receive about Keaton’s role within DC.