What’s next for Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 has been a very mixed bag in my opinion, which is why I am very excited to see what is next for Destiny.

The main story of Destiny while not my favorite campaign had its moments and I have enjoyed most of the add on content that has followed. Forsaken being the best portion of Destiny 2 in my eyes, which is most likely not surprising to Destiny players.

Yet, since Forsaken I have not found Destiny 2 all that interesting, I have really moved away from the game. I tried to get back into the game whenever they introduced the seasons. It felt too much like it was trying to be any game with a battle pass and felt out of place for Destiny.

While the Destiny experience has been lacking in my eyes, I know that there are many who have enjoyed the seasons and having a reason to keep playing. I think that’s great and I am very glad that the content exists for those player. Yet, this is why I am excited for the announcement that we will be getting on June 9.

I hope that we will be getting a reveal of more story content and modes that will help to expand the universe of Destiny. I enjoy the world building, lore, planets and tasks that are presented within the bigger story updates.

It will be nice to see Bungie reveal real information about the future of Destiny 2 in an actual video presentation. I was a little disappointed in the live event that took place recently.

While waiting for the event to happen did not bother me, I did find it odd how long they made players wait for something that I feel could have been accomplished much more quickly.

They easily could have had the event happen more fluidly and quickly with the misses hitting the ship and it crashing faster.

Yet, Destiny 2 has positioned itself into a solid spot after the successful launch of the Forsaken add on. I hope that we can see a continuation of that with the launch of the next DLC.

Please check back after the reveal to see my article on my thoughts of what’s next for Destiny 2.



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